Magnetic Assembly

Magnetic Assemblies

AMSC supplies high quality and verstitle magnetic assemblies.


We supply lost cost, high power strength magnetic assemblies. Various types of magnets are encased in plated or other surface coated steel cups, channels, plates or customer designed shapes. The magnetized magnet components can create 25 times or more pull force than an individual magnet.


Besides a large variety of common magnetic assembly models, we also provide the special magnetic device assemblies. These assemblies are made special for each individual customer per client’s submitted design. We will be able to help you select the style that best fit your applications.


  • Automotive sensors, motor and actuators
  • Oil and gas industry sensor and drive systems.
  • Chemical and food industries, permanent magnets drives cleans and safe motive power for couplings, pumps and blenders etc.

Magnet Assembly Applications

Assembly Examples