Intelligent Magnetic Gripping Revolutionizes Ferrous Automation Applications

Intelligent Magnetic Gripping Revolutionizes Ferrous Automation Applications

Festo reports surging interest in the Electric Series (E-Series) of intelligent magnetic grippers from Magswitch, Lafayette, Colorado. Festo has been a Magswitch distribution partner since

Advantages of Magnetostrictive Sensors in Challenging Manufacturing Environments

In certain manufacturing environments, dynamic measurements under extreme conditions are required. The tire manufacturing process, for example, produces corrosive gases, which may prevent some sensors

Ford gets F-150 Lightning electric pickup rolling off assembly lines

America’s best-selling vehicle series has officially gone electric. Ford kicked off production of the F-150 Lightning today, becoming the second manufacturer to get an all-electric

EV age launches a wave of new technologies

The growing demand for electric vehicles is upending the automotive supply chain at a time when it was already stressed by the coronavirus pandemic, rising

Protecting EV motors more efficiently

As electric vehicle (EV) technology advances to improve vehicle performance and range, battery technology may be grabbing many of the headlines, but equally important are

GM reaches supply deals for electric vehicle motor magnets

General Motors has taken two more steps to make sure it has the raw materials for the transition from petroleum to battery power, this time

The Compositional Perspectives of Permanent Magnets

Magnetite, and Natural Magnetite with magnetic effect, was initially discovered by humans. After millennia of development, DC Motor Magnet, Motor Magnets for Sale, Permanent Magnet

Global Permanent Magnet Motor Industry

Global Permanent Magnet Motor Market to Reach $39.1 Billion by 2026 – Demand for permanent magnets has increased in recent years especially for small motors

Five Things: Feeders

Step Feeder Supplies Magnets for Automotive Assembly Performance Feeders Inc. has recently designed and built a step feeder system to supply two sizes of magnets

Automakers Scrambling to Ensure They Qualify for New EV Tax Credit

The 2023 Chevrolet Bolt will almost certainly be the most affordable EV for 2023, but will it qualify for the new Federal tax credit? That