The Driving Force: Innovations in Automotive Magnetic Assemblies

At Advanced Magnet Source, our passion for innovation drives us to explore the endless possibilities of automotive magnet assemblies. As we navigate the road to creating commercially viable product solutions, our journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence in design and performance. Our goal? To deliver automotive magnet solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients.

The Core of Automotive Innovation

Automotive magnetic assemblies are pivotal in advancing the automotive industry. Whether it’s sensing the position of a crankshaft, securing a headliner in place, or enhancing the performance of linear actuators, our magnetic solutions are at the heart of automotive innovation. Our design philosophy centers around optimizing for reduced weight, ensuring reliable long-term performance, and achieving lower emissions—all while keeping costs in check and enhancing efficiency.

Types of Automotive Magnetic Assemblies

The versatility of our magnetic assemblies shines across various applications:

  • Hybrid and Direct Drives: Powering the future of automotive propulsion with efficiency.
  • Linear Actuators and PM Generator Rotor Assemblies: Ensuring precise control and power generation.
  • Position, Rotational Angle, and Speed Sensors: Enhancing accuracy and reliability in vehicle monitoring.

Magnets Driving Performance

Our commitment to innovation extends to the selection of magnets used in automotive applications. From magnets designed for electric vehicles and power steering to those integral to motors, generators, and sensors, we meticulously design, specify, and produce to meet the unique requirements of each application. Our solutions aim for weight reduction, miniaturization, and greater efficiency, all while reducing the use of rare earth materials and prioritizing sustainability.

As we continue to forge ahead, Advanced Magnet Source remains dedicated to driving innovation in the automotive industry. Explore our solutions and discover how we’re powering the vehicles of tomorrow: Automotive Magnet Assemblies.