Selecting the Ideal Lift Magnet for Your Needs

Choosing the right lift magnet is crucial for efficiently handling heavy plates in various applications. The magnet capacity and arrangement of multiples play a significant role and are determined by factors such as the size, weight, and characteristics of the load.

There are two primary categories of magnets: permanent and electromagnets, both employed for lifting and moving heavy plates.

Permanent Magnets: Permanent magnets, often operated by a lever, don’t rely on electricity or battery power. Activating the lever aligns the internal ceramic or rare-earth magnet blocks to induce magnetism into the plate, facilitating lifting. Moving the lever to the “off” position realigns the internal magnetic poles, releasing the magnetism and allowing for easy unloading. The strength of the permanent magnet material endures unless exposed to extreme temperatures or intense electrical fields. While these magnets have limited load capacities, combining multiple magnets on a spreader beam enables handling larger or heavier loads.

Electromagnets: In contrast, electromagnets demand constant DC voltage for operation. They provide a more user-friendly experience with simple push-button controls. However, the cost of electromagnetic systems is usually higher due to the involved electrical control components and wiring. Electromagnets offer versatility in design with various coil and housing options tailored to specific load parameters. Moreover, they boast higher capacities compared to permanent magnets.

When dealing with larger but thinner plates or sheets, multiple magnets on a spreader beam might be necessary. Thicker plates with smaller dimensions or steel blocks that don’t deflect as much may require a single magnet, provided it is rated higher than the load weight.

It is essential for a lift magnet professional to conduct a thorough survey of each unique application before purchasing any lifting magnet. This involves assessing the different loads to be lifted, specifying the appropriate magnet, and determining the optimal arrangement of multiple magnets, if needed.

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