How Magnetic Filtration Works

Simple Operation with Outstanding Results
Magnetic filtration, also known as magnetic separation, allows for fluid to flow around a magnetic rod or core. This magnet attracts ferrous particles and removes them from the fluid, ensuring that clean fluids are returned to the contact area either on a machine tool or wash system.

When the magnetic core becomes saturated with ferrous contamination, it can then be easily cleaned either manually or automatically.

High-Intensity Magnetics with Optimum Flow Dynamics
Our magnetic filters incorporate high-strength neodymium magnets which attract virtually 100% of ferrous particles, including micron size particles. The advanced magnetic core design creates a magnetic field pattern that ensures that the filters do not block, even in high-contamination applications.

Our design and development team has carried out a careful analysis of fluid flow characteristics, ensuring that our range of filters are designed to optimize the fluid flow. As a result, contamination exposure to the magnet is maximized, ensuring almost 100% collection rates WITHOUT interrupting or reducing the fluid rates.

Fine Particle Filtration with no Blocking or Blinding
Traditional barrier filters such as paper media and cartridges are constrained by pore size. If the pore is too big then contamination continues to circulate, but if it is too small it blocks. See below:

Barrier Filtration vs Magnetic Filtration
Barrier Filter

Particles smaller than the pore size remain in the fluid, reducing fluid efficiency and increasing wear on machinery and cutting tools.
Once full, the contaminated media is disposed of (along with fluid held in it)
The filter can become clogged causing blinding and backpressure or even bursting.
Magnetic Filter

High-intensity magnets remove virtually all particles and clean fluid continues uninterrupted.
Once full, the contamination is removed from the magnet and can be recycled with minimal fluid loss.
Patented magnetic design means that the filter will not block, so there is no blinding or pressure build-up.

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