Handling Magnets

Handling magnets are used for transport, transfer, fastening and lifting of ferromagnetic products in the metal, automotive and robot industry. Magnetic handling of products reduces both the time it takes and the number of actions required to automate a process and ensure it proceeds smoothly.

To automate these processes, Goudsmit Magnetics Group has developed an extensive range of magnetic systems. Various processes that have been tested handling, lifting, transport and fastening. The features of these are detailed below;

Lifting sheets or steel products in the automotive/robotic industries;
Automatic robot handling of both flat, formed or perforated steel sheets;
Separating the top sheet from a stack: This is important for thin sheets as this process prevents a robot from grabbing multiple sheets at the same time;
Uniform alignment of nails or screws. This reduces packaging volume.

Manually picking up small workpieces to injuries from sharp burrs;
Moving heavy steel objects with a crane.

Automation of packing lines. This could be useful for packing lines with tins or glass jars with steel lids are placed in boxes or on pallets;
Horizontal, vertical or hanging transport of steel products such as tins, lids, sheets, pipes or shafts over larger distances;
Horizontal or steeply sloping transport of small, sharp objects such as punching waste, nails or screws. This could be useful to prevent belt wear.

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