EV Motors Increasingly Integrate New Technologies

More and more electric traction motors are being integrated with the inverter and transmission, while new technology concepts, such as axial flux and switched reluctance are being explored, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics Inc.

“As automakers adjust their businesses to become all-electric, they are increasingly looking into integrating their motors with other components to form e-axles to raise production efficiency and lower production cost, which enables them to use new flexible and modular vehicle platforms,” says Kevin Mak, principal analyst in the global automotive practice at Strategy Analytics.

“But, the increase in competition among automakers will also see further exploration of [new] concepts, such as axial flux motors by the likes of Mercedes and Renault, plus 800-volt motors and denser coil windings in the stator,” explains Mak. “Some are also limiting the use of costly rare-earth materials used in electric motor magnets through induction motors and externally-excited synchronous motors.

“[In addition], production of electric motors has swung in-house and back out to Tier One suppliers again, as the market becomes more commoditized,” adds Mak.

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