Benefits Of Magnetic Filtration

Filtration is a critical component of any liquid-based system. Filtration is the process of removing impurities or undesirable particles from your solution as it moves through the cycle. For many industrial operations, filtration is critical for removing the rust, grime, byproducts, and other chemicals from the liquids as they are cycled through for their purpose. Contaminants in your liquid can cause consequences that range from annoying to downright dangerous. When it comes to your industrial machinery, removing contaminants can be the difference between profit and disaster.

There are a variety of ways to filter impurities from your water, oil, fuel, or other liquid. Davidson Sales & Engineering is well-versed in all forms of filtration and water treatment, so we know exactly what types of filtration can work with your machinery and tools. Today we’re sharing the benefits of magnetic filtration, which is the most effective way of removing impurities. Here are the 6 Benefits of Magnetic Filtration

1. Efficiency – as stated above, magnetic filtration is the very best way to remove impurities from your machine’s operation. Ferrous particles can cause rust, corrosion, and contamination of your product, but magnetic filtration can attract and discard those particles before they
2. Reusable Technology – a magnetic filter will attract ferrous particles and other impurities, and usually only needs to be rinsed and the excess disposed before reinserting. By contrast, disposable filters require frequent purchase and replacement, which isn’t as cost effective or safe for the environment.
3. Team Effort – magnetic filtration can be used in combination with your standard or existing filters. The use of magnetic filtration reduces the strain on your existing filters, which again saves money in replacements and increases the ability of your existing filter to remove the remaining impurities.
4. Decreased Oil Oxidation – oil oxidation is a natural process that can occur in oils and other lubricants when metal particles are present. The removal of metal particles with the use of magnetic filtration can decrease oil oxidation, which means no sludge, rust, or corrosion.
5. Better for Gravity Flow – many machine lines rely on gravity flow to move liquids through the pipes and routes. Unfortunately, using gravity flow makes the pressure too low for conventional filters to adequately remove particles and toxins from the liquid. Magnetic filtration, however, can successfully remove ferrous particles from oil and other liquids even if gravity flow is the only pressure being exerted in the machine.
6. Electro-Hydraulic Power – if your system uses electro-hydraulic valves and power, it is essential that you use magnetic filtration. Magnetic filters more efficiently remove ferrous particles that can interfere with your electro-hydraulic functioning. Using magnetic filtration can keep your machine running safely and prevent future problems and repairs.

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