Advanced Magnet Source Unveiling the Powerhouse Magnet: From Aircraft Carriers to Nuclear Fusion

As reported by Vice in their article titled “This Magnet Can Lift an Aircraft Carrier And Will Attempt Nuclear Fusion,” the world is witnessing the emergence of a technological marvel, the Central Solenoid of the megaproject ITER. Standing as tall as a six-story building and possessing the extraordinary ability to lift an aircraft carrier, this magnet is destined to play a pivotal role in an experiment that could hold the key to producing unlimited clean energy without harming our planet.

The inaugural module of the Central Solenoid is currently embarking on a monumental journey from California to France. This milestone, jointly announced by ITER and General Atomics, a company that dedicated a decade to its design and fabrication, marks a significant step in realizing ITER’s mission. ITER, named after the Latin word for “the way,” is a groundbreaking endeavor aimed at pioneering nuclear fusion, a sought-after form of carbon-free energy, often likened to creating a “Sun on Earth.”

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