Advanced Magnet Source: Revolutionizing Material Handling with Magnetic Solutions

As discussed in the article “Handling Magnets,” the use of handling magnets is a critical practice in the metal, automotive, and robotics industries. These magnets play a pivotal role in the transport, transfer, fastening, and lifting of ferromagnetic products. Their application not only accelerates processes but also simplifies automation, making operations more efficient.

To address the demands of automation, Goudsmit Magnetics Group has emerged as a leading innovator in magnetic systems. Their extensive range of magnetic solutions has undergone rigorous testing across various processes, including handling, lifting, transport, and fastening.


  • Lifting sheets or steel products in the automotive and robotic industries.
  • Automatic robot handling of flat, formed, or perforated steel sheets.
  • Efficient separation of the top sheet from a stack to prevent multiple grabs by robots.
  • Precise alignment of nails or screws, optimizing packaging volume.


  • Safe manual handling of small workpieces, minimizing injuries from sharp burrs.
  • Smooth movement of heavy steel objects with the assistance of cranes.

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