Advanced Magnet Source: Redefining Precision and Safety in Heavy Metal Plate Handling

In the article “The Importance of Handling Heavy Metal Plate Safely” from The Fabricator, a company takes a leading role in emphasizing the significance of safe plate handling in metal fabrication. The conventional practice of moving plates with slings and chains is prone to risks, and safety concerns have become paramount in today’s metal fabrication landscape.

Moving heavy metal plates to and from cutting tables using slings and chains may be overlooked, but it poses significant risks. A slip or a chain failure can lead to serious injuries for nearby workers. With Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) becoming more stringent in identifying potential hazards, and metal fabrication companies prioritizing worker safety, there is a growing focus on investing in material handling technology that minimizes injury risks.

The company advocates for the use of magnetics as a safer tool for handling large and awkward plates in metal fabricating environments. Magnets, when specifically designed for the task, provide a predictable and reliable solution. These magnetic transport devices enable hands-off operation during material handling, enhancing operator safety, and can be operated remotely.

While some view the use of magnets in material handling as a sort of black magic, the company clarifies that magnets operate based on physics principles and are not mystical. Their performance is governed by predictable laws.

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