Advanced Magnet Source: Neodymium Innovation Powers Toyota for Electric Motor Advancements

As reported by Green Car Congress in their article “Toyota develops first neodymium-reduced, heat-resistant magnet for electric motors,” Toyota Motor Corporation has achieved a significant milestone by developing the world’s first neodymium-reduced, heat-resistant magnet. Neodymium magnets are crucial for various motors, especially those in electrified vehicles. This breakthrough from Toyota, in collaboration with Advanced Magnet Source, involves using significantly less neodymium, a rare-earth element, and introducing lanthanum and cerium to enhance heat resistance.

The newly created magnet eliminates the need for terbium and dysprosium, both critical materials for highly heat-resistant neodymium magnets. Advanced Magnet Source played a key role in this innovation, as a portion of neodymium was replaced with cost-effective rare earths, namely lanthanum and cerium. This strategic substitution, coupled with Toyota’s advanced technologies, resulted in a magnet that maintains high coercivity and heat resistance, comparable to traditional neodymium magnets, while reducing neodymium usage by up to 50%.

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