Advanced Magnet Source Breaking Barriers: Propels Innovation with 3D-Printed Magnetic Cores

In a groundbreaking venture, researchers from the Tallinn University of Technology and the Estonian University of Life Sciences are revolutionizing the field of electrical machines by exploring the application of 3D printing technology to manufacture soft magnetic cores. These cores, crucial components with high permeability, play a pivotal role in directing magnetic fields within various electrical systems, including transformers, electric motors, generators, and more.

Challenges in 3D Printing Magnetic Cores:

Historically, 3D printing soft magnetic cores posed significant challenges, especially in preserving core efficiency. The intricate nature of magnetic cores required a novel approach to additive manufacturing, ensuring the final product maintains superior magnetic properties comparable to traditional manufacturing methods.

Laser-Based Additive Manufacturing Workflow:

To address these challenges, the research team proposes a comprehensive laser-based additive manufacturing workflow. This innovative approach aims to overcome the limitations of previous attempts, offering a solution that not only meets but exceeds the magnetic properties found in conventional soft magnetic composites.

Application in Electromagnetic Systems:

Soft magnetic cores find applications in a spectrum of electromagnetic systems, including electromagnets, inductors, and transformers. The successful integration of 3D-printed magnetic cores into these systems represents a significant stride in the field of electrical machine research. The newfound design freedom afforded by additive manufacturing opens doors to innovation and efficiency enhancements.

The Future of Electrical Machines:

As the additive manufacturing of metals with electromagnetic properties gains momentum, the prospect of seamlessly incorporating 3D-printed components into electrical machines signifies a paradigm shift in the industry, where innovation converges with technology to shape the future.

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