Advanced Magnet Source: Electromobility Evolution Cutting-Edge Electric Drive Motor Platform

The electrification revolution in the automotive industry demands innovative solutions for electric drive motors, and stands at the forefront of this evolution. As showcased in the “Electric Drive Motors” section on BorgWarner’s website, unveils a versatile motor platform tailored for electromobility, offering flexibility in shape and technical characteristics.

Scalable from 15 to 150 kW, this motor platform can be precisely tailored to meet the unique requirements of hybrid or electric vehicles, ensuring compactness and efficiency. Beyond propulsion, it extends its utility to auxiliary units like hydraulic pumps or compressors, facilitating cost-effective series production.

Powered by the latest hairpin winding technology, the 155 Permanent Magnet Synchronous Drive Motor features 8 poles, 48 slots, and 4 layers per slot. Its innovative design eliminates cross lines between layers and minimizes circulation currents, enhancing product serialization. With a working voltage range of 96-450V, torque range of 100-220Nm, and power range of 45-135kW, it delivers exceptional performance across diverse applications.

Moreover, offering both water and oil cooling options, this motor ensures optimal thermal management for sustained efficiency and reliability in operation.

Integrated seamlessly with the SKAI inverter and QUASARTM motor control software, this motor platform forms a cost-optimized electric drive train solution, covering traction, hybridization, power generation, and subsystem electrification. With its compact, lightweight, and robust design, it sets a new standard in electromobility.

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