Advance Magnet Source: Cutting Carbon with Permanent Magnet Motors

As reported by the Journal of Petroleum Technology in their article “Permanent Magnet Motors Help Reduce Carbon Footprint in Artificial Lift Systems,” permanent-magnet-motor (PMM) technology was evaluated and implemented in various artificial lift systems in the Llanos Norte (LLN) and La Cira Infantas (LCI) fields in Colombia. This initiative aimed to find a more-efficient motor to save energy and reduce carbon footprint.

The comprehensive study details the evaluation of tests performed in the field to validate PMM technology’s implementation, the calculation of CO2 reduction, and the main challenges in applying this energy-efficient solution for future projects. The Llanos Orientales basin and LCI fields were equipped with a significant number of electrical-submersible-pump (ESP) and sucker-rod-pump (SRP) wells, necessitating efficient energy solutions. The implementation of PMM technology began in 2016 with trial tests showing a 15% energy savings in ESP wells, leading to large-scale adoption. Similar success was found in progressive-cavity-pump (PCP) systems, which achieved a 35% energy savings, and SRP systems, which saw an 18% energy savings.

Involvement in these projects highlights their commitment to advancing eco-friendly technologies in the oil and gas industry. By leveraging PMM technology, the company significantly contributes to energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction in oilfield operations. This innovation not only supports environmental sustainability but also enhances operational efficiency and cost savings for oilfield operators.

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