17 Surprising Ways to Use a Magnetic Pickup Tool

There are more uses for that magnetic pickup tool than just screws and nails.

According to General Tools:

When most people think of using a magnetic pickup tool they think of the most basic uses: picking up nails and screws that they have dropped on the floor while working on a project, finding lost nails and screws in piles of sawdust, or ones that are dropped while working outside in the snow, and of course picking up your yard when the roofing company leaves behind a mess of nails in your grass.

While these are all great uses of the tool, they are not the only way to put this tool to use. After reviewing numerous online reviews on how people are resourcefully using General’s magnetic pickup tool, I compiled a list of my favorites below:

1. Before you vacuum
Magnetic pickup tools are great for commercial cleaning crews to use before vacuuming. Office floors are consistently strewn with dropped paper clips and the staples that have been removed from paper all day long. A magnetic pickup tool will protect the vacuum from sucking them up.

2. Retrieve dropped jewelry
Some jewelry is magnetic (not real silver or gold though) and let’s face it, sometimes those little backs to the earrings just get away from you. This tool can be used to find those lost pieces when they hit the floor and bounce out of reach.

3. Get car keys from between the seat and console
I admit, this is one that I do often. Everything I drop in the car goes directly in the space between the seat of the car and the console and out of reach, almost like there is magnetic force pulling them down. My keys have landed in this abyss many a times and a magnetic pickup tool is a quick way to fish them out.

4. Remove nails from a fire pit
If you live in the country (or maybe even the city) there is a great chance you have had a bonfire and burned wood with nails or screws in them. After doing this, at some point you have to sift through the ashes looking to remove any nails or screws that remain after the wood has burned away. A magnetic pickup tool makes quick work of an otherwise messy task.

5. Retrieve lost toys under the stove
If you have small children there is a great chance that you have matchbox cars or a good portion of the magnetic alphabet letters lost under your stove. A magnetic pickup tool gives you an easy and fast way to retrieve the items before they are lost forever. Trust me, when you have children in your house you don’t want to try reach your hand into tight dark spaces when you don’t know exactly what is there.

6. Retrieve silverware from a garbage disposal
Have you ever accidentally dropped a piece of silverware down the garbage disposal and out of sight? It happens in an instant. Instead of cautiously sticking your hand into the disposal, while trying to make sure no one is coming near to the on switch, use your magnetic pickup tool to retrieve the lost piece of flatware.

7. Pickup dropped sewing needles
Needles lost in the carpet can be a danger to your family’s feet, but if you use a magnetic pickup tool around your work area, you can assure there will be no more needle pricks. This comes in especially handy when you accidentally drop the entire tin of needles.

8. For the bow hunter
Fall has hit, the leaves are falling and you are adjusting the tension on your compound bow before opening day, when you drop the hex wrench and it’s buried in dead leaves. You can either crawl around on your hands and knees sifting through the leaves, or you can use your magnetic pickup tool to find the wrench quickly and easily.

9. Remove batteries that are tough to get out
If you are having problems removing new batteries from their package (which is surprisingly hard) or old batteries from an object, your magnetic pickup tool can save the day by quickly pulling them out.

10. Pickup shotgun shells
You have just spent some time doing some target practice and now you are surrounded by shotgun shells. Save your back and knees and put your magnetic pickup tool to work. Note: this does not work with all casings for all ammunition.

11. Run it along a wall to find the stud
Save yourself from unnecessary holes when hanging a picture and use your magnetic pickup tool to locate where the stud is in your wall. Just run the magnet along the wall until you feel the pull.

12. Working on cars or tractors
While lots of people have used this tool to find dropped bolts and screws while working on their car or tractor, many don’t think to use this tool to put the bolt or screw in place. You can use the magnet to lower the screw or bolt in place, get it started and then switch the magnetic tool out to bring the screwdriver or wrench in.

13. Cut a log into equal lengths
Are you looking for a quick way to cut even pieces of wood? Stick the magnet to the flat side of your chainsaw, make your cut and let the end of the pole show you the next place to cut, continue moving down the log and you end up with perfectly even cuts, easy for stacking in piles.

14. Hang a picture
I’m sure I’m not the only one that has struggled to get the wire on the back of a picture frame onto the screw in the wall. You can use your magnetic pickup tool to move the wire over the top of the screw before lowering the picture down. This eliminates the constant readjusting to see if the wire has finally caught on the screw before you let go of the frame.

15. Pick up bobby pins
I don’t understand how it happens, but if someone in your home uses bobby pins there is a good chance that they have ended up scattered all around your floors and in between pieces of furniture. A magnetic pickup tool makes quick work of cleanup.

16. Improve your golf swing
Some golf teachers attach a magnetic pickup tool to the face of the golf club to show their students what direction the ball is going to come off the club at. This helps golfers to be aware and correct errors in the way they hold and swing the club.

17. Pickup washers
When playing the Game of Washers (aka: Pitching Washers, which is a lot like horseshoes but with washers) you can use your magnetic pickup tool at the end of a turn to get the washers off the ground to save yourself from constantly bending over to retrieve them.

Individuals with back problems or arthritis love the convenience that the tool can offer them of not having to bend over or grip small objects. Children will love to go on “treasure hunts” with the tool all around the yard. Magnetic pickup tools are a great tool to keep handy for everyday use. Telescoping Magnetic Pickup tools are so affordable that you will want to keep a couple on hand in convenient locations: your car, your garage, your kitchen and your toolbox.

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