What Are the Uses of Industrial Magnets

Many industries use magnets, but how are they used? According to Industry Today: “Magnets are a great invention. They can be used for so many


Have you ever wondered what ferrite is exactly? According to Britannica: “Ferrite, a ceramic-like material with magnetic properties that are useful in many types of

When did the most common linear-actuator options come about?

You’ve heard of linear-actuators, but when exactly did the most common options appear on the market? According to Linear Motion Tips: “Hydraulic actuators came first.

Breakthrough Magnet Produced from Thin Film of Cobalt and Carbon

Did you know a thin film of cobalt and carbon made a magnet? According to Magnetics Magazine: A team of scientists, led by the University

What Are the Uses of Industrial Magnets

New to industrial magnets? Here are some of their uses. According to Industry Today: Magnets are a great invention. They can be used for so

Permanent Magnet Market Will Rise to Nearly $37 Billion by 2027

The future of the permanent magnet looks promising. According to Magnetics Mag: “The global permanent magnets market size is projected to grow about 7.5% annually,

The Attraction of Magnetic Filtration

So you have heard of magnetic filtration, but what exactly is it? According to American Machinist: “Efficient performance of coolants and lubricants is a challenge

Neodymium Magnets

You may have heard of neodymium magnets, but what are they exactly? According to IQS Directory: Chapter One – What is a Neodymium Magnet? “A

Magnetic Filtration Technology

New to magnetic filtration? Consider this. According to Gear Solutions: “Wind power is the world’s fastest-growing source of renewable energy that is capable over time

The use of neodymium magnets in healthcare and their effects on health

Magnets are used in nearly all industries. Consider this. According to NCBI.NLM.NIH.GOV: “Neodymium is a chemical element that was discovered in 1885. This element (atomic