About Advanced Magnet Source

Advanced Magnet Source Corporation


Mission & Values

AMSC is committed to continuously providing top quality products and service to our customers. As an innovator and trusted partner, we are devoted to overall engineering solutions.


About us

Advanced Magnet Source Corp. is a provider of all types of permanent magnets and magnet assemblies for industrial, commercial, and consumer use. The company was founded in 2006 with warehouse facilities located in Canton, MI (US) and Shanghai (CHN).


Today, AMSC has become a leading supplier of high-performance magnets and magnetic assemblies to the automotive industry, motor industry, medical technology industry, and so forth.  Our full spectrum of products includes Neodymium magnets (neo), samarium cobalt magnets (SmCo), Anico magnets, ceramic (hard ferrite) magnets, and flexible magnets. Our large inventory and warehousing capabilities allow us to serve a wide range of customers with various applications.


Engineering & Design

With our distinguished science and engineering team in both the United States and China with expertise in material science, metallurgy, mechanical and surface treatment, you will be satisfied with our services in material selection, customer made material, designing support, prototyping, and manufacturing process to total quality control in mass production.

Our expert engineering team complements your design and manufacturing team to develop a permanent magnet or a complete magnetic assembly specific to your application need. From single assembly to complete designs, as well as from sensor application to permanent magnet motors, we have the related labs, equipment, skills, tools, machinery and materials to meet any project demands. We collaborate with your team, innovate through world-class design and accommodate with consistent, well-designed, and flawlessly manufactured customer products.


What we do

AMSC with its China-based group manufactures and distributes a comprehensive package of magnetic products and assemblies including:

  • Sintered Neo Magnets
  • SmCo Magnets
  • Bonded Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets
  • Flexible Magnet Sheet
  • Magnet Rotor Assembly
  • Magnet Sensor Assembly
  • Precision Lamination Stacks

AMSC engineering team works closely with our clients to provide optimized solutions to the most complex design challenges. We also offer customers:

  • Top level magnetism theory related innovation on customer’s expecting application
  • Combine the engineering with various majors
  • Product reliability
  • International logistics support



  • We love a challenge
  • We can solve your complex magnetic problems


Annual Orders and Just in Time Delivery (JIT)

At AMSC, we work to your inventory model. We know how much managing inventory means to your bottom line. That is why we deploy a delivery system that meets your required dates on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis; we also accept blanket orders with a signed purchase order and schedule. Call us for more details.


Quality Policy

AMSC is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Our goal is to consistently deliver valuable and satisfying products and services to its customers by assuring their performance, consistency and safety. We are dedicated to continual improvement of our overall quality performance and the development of employees’ skill in order to ensure constant customer satisfaction.

Our commitment to quality is vital to everything we do.