Day: April 19, 2021

Breakthrough Magnet Produced from Thin Film of Cobalt and Carbon

Did you know a thin film of cobalt and carbon made a magnet? According to Magnetics Magazine: A team of scientists, led by the University

What Are the Uses of Industrial Magnets

New to industrial magnets? Here are some of their uses. According to Industry Today: Magnets are a great invention. They can be used for so

Permanent Magnet Market Will Rise to Nearly $37 Billion by 2027

The future of the permanent magnet looks promising. According to Magnetics Mag: “The global permanent magnets market size is projected to grow about 7.5% annually,

The Attraction of Magnetic Filtration

So you have heard of magnetic filtration, but what exactly is it? According to American Machinist: “Efficient performance of coolants and lubricants is a challenge