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AMSC is a leading supplier for both permanent magnets and magnet assemblies made in China.

        □ ISO 9001, QS9000 and ISO/TS16949 certified suppliers

         □ More than 23 years professional experience

         □ Quality Materials

         □ Engineering assistance on new design & customer made samples

         □ Professional Consulting Service


AMSC has large variety of China base suppliers covering almost all types of magnetic materials for the customers' magnet requirements as well as various metallic parts, plastic parts and assemblies . We are flexible to serve every individual customer. We also offer a various manufacturing lines of magnet assembly and industrial devices as well as to the customer make magnet and assembly from specified material.

Our major products are:  

Sintered NdFeB (also known as neo magnets)

Bonded NdFeB (bonded neo)

Ferrite Magnets

SmCo Magnets

Alnico Magnets

Magnet Assembly of all type of magnetic material

Mechanical Parts



With our engineering team's high grade expertise of material science, metallurgy, mechanical and surface treatment, you will be satisfied with the services from material selection, designing support, manufacturing process to total quality control in mass production.

With the office and warehouses at Michigan of USA, AMSC provides the money and time saving business opportunities to achieve your goal. Our logistical service include the importing, custom, warehousing, distribution, sorting and transportation. 

Tel: (734)398-7188,   Fax: (734)398-7199,   e-fax: (313)216-1893

e-mail: advancedmag@gmail.com



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